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FrotBanks Steady Income for Life (FSIL) Payroll


Join 100 New FB Monetization Agents

Don't Know what FB
 Monetization Means?
Nothing to worry about... 

FB” means “Facebook”, and “Monetization” means “to make money”, thus “FB Monetization” means “to Make Money on Facebook.”

FSIL Payroll offers You the Most Efficient Way to make money on Facebook
FB Monetization is your new 
One stop source Of steady

monthly income.
Earn $100 to $500 Per Month.
Start Earning

from this Month.
Become an FB Monetization
with FSIL Payroll

Join FSIL Payroll’s 100 New FB Monetization Agents

An agent here is someone given permission to make money on Facebook by promoting FSIL Payroll Shares on Facebook Pages.

How to Become an Agent?

Become an agent in 3 Steps:

Step 1. Sign up now to access cheaper FSIL shares. Click the Get ID button, below, to get started now.

Step 2. Sign up now for your higher reward FSIL shares. Select membership level and share tiers to subscribe for. Click the sign up button below to start now.

Step 3. Get your reference ID from your referral link on your FSIL cheaper shares dashboard and create a Facebook business page to start promoting it.

Learn more about FSIL shares and your reward for becoming an FB Monetization Agent.

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